Friday, October 3, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 Review 5x01 No Sanctuary

ITS TIME! Check out the "Advance Review" of the season premier episode, "No Sanctuary".

Before watching the premiere of The Walking Dead (I know I'm super lucky), I had no doubt it was going to be an excellent episode. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. “No sanctuary” is an extraordinary, breathtaking and explosive season premiere.

It’s a really different kind of premiere, something I’ve never watched on The Walking Dead before. “No Sanctuary’ is very violent and dark, but there will be also sweet, calm and informative moments. What surprised me the most was the rhythm, a lot of people, me including, often complain about The Walking Dead being slow sometimes. Honestly, nobody will express such feeling after "No Sanctuary". It’s really crazy in Terminus, so here’s a list of what you can expect from the season premiere” :

- A new opening sequence ! The music is the same but there are many new footage added. It’s always scary as hell. But mostly, it’s the two seconds right before the opening that will matter the most. What is going to happen is so exciting.

- The first and last scenes of the episode won't be happening in the same timeline as the rest of the episode.

- Last year, after the finale, the big question was : are they freaking cannibals ? Well, we won’t have a perfect and clear answer to that, but it will be very much implied.

- Reunions ! Sweet, touching, heart breaking reunions. “No Sanctuary” will find a way to get to the emotional side of the survivors. I must admit, I have shed a tear during one very touching scene.

- Deaths and blood ! Many of them, and from both sides (humans and walkers). There also will be some spectacular and horrific zombies kills. (I can still see that zombie on fire when I close my eyes)

- One scene will be a nice echo to the first season. One character, who wasn’t there when it first happened, will take the same decision someone else had taken before. But this time, it will be so, so much better.

- We will see more of the candles room and it’ll make more sense. In overall, we will learn more about the Terminus people and their wicked habits. There is a reason why they’re acting like that, and it’s not a bad reason after all.

- Do you miss Beth? Because I really, really do. I keep wondering where the hell she is...

- Is Eugene legit? Since it was told Eugene knows the cure against the walkers, there always has been this doubt whether he is telling the truth or not. Well, one of the survivors will question Eugene directly to find out what’s the deal with him and his cure.

- Mary ! Remember the woman behind the grill, we will see more of her. I don’t know why but since she appeared, I have been very interested in her character.

- Tyreese and Carol will meet someone, who will inform them about their friends in Terminus. But they will wonder what to do with baby Judith. She just can’t kill walkers yet... And her cries are like a walkers magnet.

“No sanctuary” is an excellent season premiere. It actually feels more of season finale because it’ll pick up right where the story ended last year. And everything that happens in Terminus is just so crazy and brilliant.
Grimple has really set a new path for The Walking Dead, where the characters and the zombie action are perfectly balanced.

And finally the quotes game. Guess from which character those quotes are :

1-“I won’t… I won’t… I won’t”
2-“What’s the cure, Eugene ?”
3-“We’re gonna take it back”
4-“Let him turn”
5-“It’s still who we are, it’s gotta be”
6-“Signs. They were real. It was a sanctuary”
7-“That is what I’m gonna use to kill you
8- "More"


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