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American Horror Story: Freak Show - 4x01 "Monsters Among Us" Advance Preview

Hi guys, today I was able to watch the season premiere of American Horror Story Freak Show, and before I begin I want to thank FX for giving me the chance to watch the episode before the premiere so I can give you guys some info about the new season.

I gotta say, one of the first things you have to have in mind is that this episode is going to set a path for the rest of the season and as always it's going to introduce us to the characters, but the pace of the episode is perfect.

The episode is 63 minutes long, but if you are a fan just like me you are not even going to notice time when you are watching the episode.

Now, let's jump to the episode. We learn the story behind the siamese twins, played by Sarah Paulson. By all the promos we have watched you will think that is simple, Dot (the one on right side, left on our screen) is the evil twin and Bette (the one with the blu headband) is the good twin.

As we are use to on American Horror Story, nothing is as it seems, the character have more layers than what meets the eye, and all the character we meet in this episode will fall under that rule.

During the episode, one of the questions that I had was why Elsa Mars was the leader of the Freak Show. She seems normal, there's nothing unusual about her. But I'm glad that by the end of the episode, the two most important reasons as to why Elsa is the leader of the Freak Show are revealed.

We also get to meet Jimmy Darling a.k.a. Lobster boy, played by Evan Peters, and her mother Effil Darling a.k.a. The Bearded Woman, played by Kathy Bates. Elsa rescued her, and then reunited her with Jimmy. Effil is Elsa's right hand.

Sadly, Jimmy isn't so happy about the Freak Show and he wants to leave. But on the other hand he has another... let's call it 'a job' where he shows how good he is with his hands... After you watch the episode you will understand why I just say that.

First I thought Evan Peters' character was going to be another hopeless romantic, the one who will give everything to protect what he calls his family. And he kinda is... Kinda, but in a more twisted way.

It wouldn't be American Horror Story without some horror, right? Well this season we have a clown... a killer clown. So prepare yourself to get scared as hell every time he makes an appearance on the show, you are going to jump every time you see him, I can promise you that.

Now let's jump to some juicy spoilers for the season premiere.


As I say in the beginning of this review, you are going to love this episode and you are going to get 2 references to one previous season of AHS... Want to guess?

Is Asylum. The first one is in the shape and form of one former, or soon to be I'm not sure about the timeline here, patients of the Asylum... Pepper. Her story isn't cover in this episode but I'm sure that it would be.

The other reference happens in a conversation between Elsa and Jimmy.

There's an orgy... yeap you are going to see Evan Peters butt... again.

Elsa's secret has something to do with her legs... so pay attention to them.

We get a performance by Elsa Mars... she sings a song by no other than David Bowie. Guess what song it is. It has something to do with her name.

Well guys that's everything for this episode, I try not to give to many spoilers so you can enjoy the episode, there's so much more I'm not saying, and I will do a full review for the episode after is aired.

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I also have episode 402 and I will be doing a review for that episode too. So stay tune.

Don't forget. American Horror Story: Freak Show returns on October 8 only on FX.

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  1. The song that Elsa sings it has to do with her name......Elsa? or the name game song of asylum? I really loved that song :)

    1. It has to do with Elsa Mars' name, if you go to google you'll find the song :)

    2. I think it's Life on Mars by David Bowie

  2. Plx tell me Elsa's secret Y.Y

    send me:

  3. Can you tell me what is Elsa's secret? o_o

    Send to:

    1. all of the 3 leg imagery in the teasers is really obvious so i don't think that's the secret... "Third leg" is often used to describe someone's penis. There's a lot of online speculation that Elsa might be trans* or intersex.

  4. I though Ryan Murphy said that the first episode of Freak Show is running 90 minutes long?

    1. i'm sure Elsa's secret is this picture they posted on fb...

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  6. Elsa won't sing a Lana del rey song?

    1. I heard she's singing about 2 other more songs

    2. lol this season takes place in the 50s. Lana del ray was hardly a twinkle in her father's eyes.

  7. Thanks for the review!!! I can't wait!!! I think Elsa's secret is 3 legs. They keep showing someone with 3 legs but have not said who. We know Dot/Bette...Jimmy Darling lobster boy...etc. Someone has to have the three I'm guessing from the long gowns Elsa is always wearing...she's the one with three legs.

  8. I think they may have given too much away in the credits. A toy clown with no cranium. Is this a hint Twisty was born with that condition (even though the longest anyone survived it was til 3 yrs old) but maybe Twisty survives it by cutting off the top of people heads and wearing it on his head.

  9. Elsa will also sing "Ultraviolence" by Lana Del Rey.

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