Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'The Walking Dead' creator promises shocking season finale, predictions

In an Entertainment Weekly article on Tuesday, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman said the upcoming season finale “is really going to shock people,” and that whatever happens, it’ll all come down to Rick Grimes, the former group leader.

Last week’s episode, “Us,” followed the combined group of Maggie, Glenn, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, as it arrived at Terminus, an imposing compound with crops and Mary, the one-woman welcoming committee.

The whereabouts of the remaining groups is unknown, but will likely be revealed in Sunday’s finale.

“This last half of Season 4 has been a character defining group of stories for everyone,” Kirkman told EW. “Really finding what this guy [Rick] is going to be able to do and how he is going to carry on, and is he going to get these people back together, and where is he going to go from here? And I think there are some big questions that are asked that are going to be answered in this final episode.”

If “The Walking Dead” fans expect things to be wrapped up neatly and for beloved characters to relax in bliss while the show goes into hiatus, think again.

Kirkman said the show will be taking things to another level in the finale and that the anticipation level for Season 5 is going to be higher than for any other season.

“It’s going to be a rough summer for ‘Walking Dead’ fans waiting for us to come back in the fall,” Kirkman said.

Personal Take

Say goodbye to Rick, y’all.

That’s not a spoiler – not yet, at least.

In case you didn’t notice, the one-time law enforcer has been absent from several episodes during the second half of this season. That almost seems like a test run to see how the show would fare without the leader who, at one time, seemed irreplaceable.

Ratings have held strong – even increased – during the past few episodes, which have been largely without Rick.

“The Walking Dead” now boasts several characters that are capable of carrying the show without the need for Rick. Daryl, Michonne, Abraham – and even recovering video-gaming geek Glenn – would be strong enough to fill the gap created by Rick’s death.

Think about it. Could you have imagined the show without Shane in the early stages?

Bottom-line Predications

Predictions for what will happen in “The Walking Dead” finale this Sunday:

Rick will die.
Daryl will kill his fellow marauders and will emerge as the group’s new leader.
Terminus’ safe haven disguise will begin to crumble.
Shane, Hershel, and Lori will appear to Rick in vision before he dies.
Carl will make sure his dad doesn’t reanimate by placing a knife to Rick’s skull, making the boy 2-for-2 in the “making sure your parent doesn’t come back as a zombie” category.
What’s your prediction?

“The Walking Dead” season finale airs this Sunday, March 30, at 7 p.m. on AMC in Provo.


  1. Yeah... they don't have the balls to kill Rick. Nor is killing him an option this early in the series. Daryl would go before Rick. NOT... HAPPENING.

  2. Before the kill a character, they always have lots of time with them so the death is more shocking, sad, etc

  3. Rick is never going to die sorry not going to happen

  4. When are you posting the full episode description you said it would be on yesterday but it never was :(

  5. I have been waiting for the full description too....


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