Saturday, March 29, 2014

Norman Reedus 'The Walking Dead': Posts head popping spoiler for season 4 finale

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” is keeping his head where it belongs in the spoilers he posted, but those around him aren’t. With fans anxiously awaiting “The Walking Dead” finale of season 4 on Sunday night, Norman Reedus offered up the spoilers in pictures. These bizarre offerings have to do with the cast’s action figures, but something is strange about the way they look.

According to Wet Paint on March 29, it’s apparent that Reedus was just having some fun with the fans, but the first picture on Instagram shows Michonne’s action figure with Tyreese’s head and Tyreese’s action figure with Michonne’s head. He did the same thing to reunited lovers Maggie and Glenn.

What is he saying with all these head shots on the wrong bodies? Tyreese and Glenn look so frail and Maggie and Michonne look just plain scary in these action figure shots. Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale is simply titled “A.” What that means is anybody’s guess.

'The Walking Dead' spinoff dubbed 'companion' show: All new cast and location.

Rumbling around the social networks put Terminus as a possible haven gone really bad. Suggestions that Terminus is nothing more than a trap with people inside doing unthinkable things to folks who make the trek there are running rampant today.

So far Maggie and Glenn and their crew have made it to the place offering sanctuary, but fans only got to see them going through the front door. Sunday night's finale should give some indication on the dealings of Terminus

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