Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Walking Dead - Episode 5.14 - Spend - Major Spoilers on Deaths

These events are in chronological order other than the second death. We do not know the placing of it at this time.

-The opening scene shows Gabriel entering a homemade prayer room. He stands at an alter and looks down at a bible. A basket of strawberries has been left for him from a member of the the community with a note stating it's a blessing to have him there. He then starts to tear the pages out of the bible. (Geez Gabriel, hate strawberries much?)

While on a run to some sort of warehouse that contains electrical products (they are looking for some sort of replacement part), Deanna's son Aiden, (the self-proclaimed douchebag) shoots a walker that's wearing riot gear multiple times at a close distance. Aiden ends up shooting a grenade on the walker's body by mistake. (Oopsie!) After the smoke clears, we see that Aiden has become a human shish kabob as he is impaled on a pole. Tara is knocked unconscious and starts bleeding from the head. After a failed attempt to help Aiden, he is munched on by some walkers. Eugene to the rescue! He scoops up Tara and carries her to safety.

Abraham leads a construction team outside the community. They have been tasked with building a wall. A herd of walkers appear, which result in bullets flying. Abraham says "mother dick" (Abe sure does love dick!! The word dick that is..) and is ecstatic to be fighting walkers once again. After the fight, he tells the team to stay and finish the job they started.

Now for the second death - Got your Kleenex handy? No? Ok we'll wait.. Ready, now? Along with the death of Aiden, we will also lose Noah much like many of us predicted. Noah and Glenn get trapped in what looks like an office building. Noah gets trapped behind a glass wall of sorts and Glenn watches as Noah's face is pressed up against the glass while some dirty walker fingers go into his mouth and his cheek is ripped apart. Goodbye Noah, we will miss your face.



  1. Noah takes Beth and Tyresse to paradise and now it takes himself what a bullshit. But he could die by the hand of one of the wolfes instead? will be better than a fucking zombie... are these spoilers accurate?

  2. I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Yes they are accurate.

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