Sunday, February 15, 2015

the walking dead season 5 5x10 full description

The group, after dismissing the water left for them, are blessed with rain. They
take a moment to enjoy it, apart from Maggie, Sasha and Daryl. Rick instructs everyone to gather up as much of the rain water as possible.
They decide to take cover from the storm in a barn that Daryl noticed earlier on. After a
short conversation around a make shift campfire in this barn, Daryl gets up to leave.
He notices the barn doors are swinging open, almost breaking the chains that are
holding them shut.
From between the crack in the doors a herd of walkers can be seen. He tries to keep the doors shut while the herd tries to break it down. One by one, each member of the group notices and they each help barricade the door.
The next morning Maggie wakes up in the barn. She see's that Daryl hasn't slept at
all and tells him to get some rest. Maggie and Sasha leave the barn together and see
that the herd have been torn apart by the storm, bodies everywhere. There's even one in a far off tree! They sit down on the edge of a field and watch the sunrise. Maggie
pulls out an old music box given to her by Carl.
A stranger then appears. It's Aaron. He asks to speak to their leader while Maggie and Sasha have their guns pointed on him.
- Here is a recap of the scene descriptions we posted the other day. Keep in mind, these scene may/may not be in order:
-The group has been traveling a long road. Daryl is seen eating a worm while Sasha kicks some dead frogs in a dried up river.
-Daryl whilst on a hunt takes a break by a tree, lights up a cigarette and basically just breaks down. He's by himself. The camera then pans to a nice blue sky. He stumps his
cigarette out after only smoking about a quarter of it and notices a barn off in the distance. This barn is where the group sleeps later that night.
- Four feral dogs appear. Rick and Daryl get their weapons ready, but Sasha pulls out her silenced rifle and shoots them all. She's very annoyed at everything due to her brothers death. The next shot we see them cooking chunks of meat on a fire in the moonlight.
-At one point near the fire, Father Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire.
*Note: the scenes and information are correct at the time of posting. Keep in mind, this can change by the time we see it on tv.

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