Monday, October 13, 2014

American Horror Story Freak Show - Get A Peek Under Twisty's Mask

The main villain for this season of American Horror Story is Twisty the Clown. On the first episode he doesn't even speak, and his creepy mask hides the most disturbing mouth ever.

On the next episode of American Horror Story Freak Show you will know what's underneath his mask, and a million more questions will rise about Twisty.

Here's a peek at what's under Twisty's mask and if you think this is scary, wait until you see the rest. You won't be able to sleep on wednesday night.

The Photo it's after the cut...

Click on the photo for a better view.

Don't forget to watch American Horror Story every wednesday at 10pm on FX.


  1. Can you DM me the whole picture please???

  2. cant make out the bottom of his face, OMG

  3. ven though Rick shot Gareth I'm not sure if he was killed. Gareth will be back in the future.

    1. watch the SDCC vid, he does come back, you can see him. Soiler are rampant as well

    2. meant spoiler are rampant, ha.

  4. Hi from New Jersey USA, Juli !

    I can't get that Twisty photo out of my head-- THANKS ! Only kidding :^)

    No---on my last comment: I meant I think I know what PART of a human he's eating not WHO.

    I am truly wierded out by what I think is coming. I really don't care these types of horror themes And I can't turn away, that's the problem.
    I must focus on Bette and Dot. Everything else seems too dark to me.

    But one more thing--
    A Question --Do you know:
    If there is a Twisty- Elsa Mars connection? You probably don't. I've been on some blogs that say there is .....

    Anyway, Thanks (for now)

  5. I think the connection goes back to Germany


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