Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 Theme Revealed, Still a Remix of Comics

The Walking Dead Season 4 showed us all the tough choices it takes to survive in this world. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) tried to repress his brutality for the sake of his son, but now he’s a proud neck biter. Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) has a monster inside him, which he’s less proud of, but at least he knows it’s there.
The Walking Dead Season 5 is coming in October, and The Hollywood Reporter asked showrunner Scott Gimple and comic book writer Robert Kirkman about the theme of the new season.
“Rick said, and before that Robert said it in the comics: Are we too far gone to be people anymore, to actually be human beings, to be able to relate to one another on an emotional level, to be able to live a real humanistic and emotional life — are we too far gone?” Scott said. “Next season really is who do we become after that? Once that question is answered for ourselves, who are these people? That idea will be explored a few different ways.” Carl asked that on the finale, even before we got to The Marauders attack or Terminus — ‘Who are we?’”
Robert added, “We're ending on a cliffhanger in Season 4. We're going to be dealing with Terminus in a big way as soon as we come back. We're also going to be dealing with a more capable and prepared Rick Grimes coming out of what he's experienced in this episode. He's going to go into another really awesome direction.”
Rick 5.0 ownage. Wait for it. Pity the Termites for their folly. Then what, though? Road to D.C.? Leadership at a new safe zone?
THR noted that Season 4 was a remix of the comics; will they continue remixing stories from RK’s books into Season 5? “Absolutely,” said Scott. “As we said during our first conversation, in ‘Pretty Much Dead Already’ when Sophia comes out of the barn, that's a remix. If we use verbatim from the comic, that's awesome. And if we have to change it, that's an opportunity to tie character and theme to it in different ways. There are ways we even chose to remix it, like with Lizzie and Mika, to find ways to take things that Robert did. He long played that [with Ben and his brother, Billy] in the comic, and we can do the same thing even a bit longer than he did it just because I liked the way he did it in the comic and I wanted to turn it up that much more.”
Season 4 remixed a lot of stuff — including having Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) get his head sliced off instead of another character — but Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) group is a close match with the comics, and the final line of the season (“They’re screwing with the wrong people”) is pretty much straight from Issue #64, except for switching out the f-bomb.
It’s always fun when they do that, and it allows us to speculate about what comic book characters and storylines might be adapted next. Maybe The Hunters storyline will be stretched out for TV because it’s a cool thing to turn up more too?
What do you think about the “who are we” theme for Season 5? Any hopes for what they adapt next, from the comics?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC


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