Sunday, March 30, 2014

The ‘Walking Dead’ Terminus twist offered fans a satisfying ending for season finale

The fans of “Walking Dead” has to know there wasn’t going to be any killing for the season finale. As with other seasons in the past, the show tends not to let go any characters before a big ending. On Sunday night there was a massive twist and fans were excited to see where the story picks up in six months. For viewers who haven’t seen the season finale of “Walking Dead” and don’t want to know the spoiler ending, they should stop reading now. According to MTV News, one of the biggest shockers on Sunday night was none of the characters died.

The Terminus twist might be the next big thing for the series. With Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl ended up at the location, the radio signal being broadcast initially brought hope and gave everyone a sense of a relief. It was short lived after being locked in a locked into a train car. The clues left behind offered up an explanation of items seen once used by their missing friends. Being locked up with people who you know has perks apparently too as Rick also caught saw Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Tara, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita.

There are a few people missing though and it’s unclear where those character are. Carol, Tyreese, Judith, and Beth all remain unaccounted for and viewers are too smart to start making assumptions on where they might be. While we were certain Rick, Carl and Michonne were safe, it seems the producers of this show like to mix things up for their fans.

What happens next? The Terminus twist gives the characters a place to start when the series returns and there is no doubt the first thing the characters are going to do is try to get out of the locked train cars.

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