Sunday, March 23, 2014

"The Walking Dead" spoilers: Is Terminus in sight? Daryl, Glenn and Maggie focus

Last week many fans of "The Walking Dead" were upset about the portrayal of children killing of children and surrogate mothers killing a child who was clearly not adapting well to the zombie world. Some fans were upset enough to vow abstinence from further episodes. Other fans thought it was the best and most emotionally compelling plot line they had seen since he series began. This Sunday, according to IB Times, the series returns for the next to last new episode this year. Sunday's episode will thrill many that stick with the series, as the groups begin to enter Terminus, a place that is promised to be a safe haven, or is it?

This is a spoiler, so for viewing information skip to the bottom if you are bothered by previews and spoilers to story lines. Sunday night we will see more of the new group that Daryl has found himself joined to. Daryl should be careful because according to Sunday's report by, no character is too popular to die. In fact, according to producer Robert Kirkman, they have to be popular enough to “earn” being killed off.

One other interesting spoiler tidbit is that Glenn and Tara are put in harm's way as they enter a train tunnel searching for Maggie and Tara gets trapped in rock. We know that Glenn is safe because he and Maggie do end up reuniting. But, what will happen as the walkers enter the tunnel with Glenn and Tara?

Last the season finale is next week and we should be seeing the original prison group reuniting as each of the characters make their way to Terminus.

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