Monday, March 24, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 4x16 "A" Terminus Pictures + Gareth And terminus Spoilers


  1. So i heard there will be major things that will accure in the next episode. It may be a huge spoiler so please if you dont want to go on just stop now.

    Everything what i will write here has not been confirmed
    - Episode starts with Rick, Carl and Michonne in woods just like preview.
    - Before Rick and rest will go to the Terminus they will bump on to the Joe's group
    - Carl will almost be raped but Rick will come in and stop this madness.
    - In the middle of all this stuff Daryl will die by Joe's hands
    - Joe DOESN'T die in this episode
    - Terminus IS a trap, after Rick comes there with Carl and Michonne he is met by this Gareth lad.
    - Gareth and the rest ARE Hunters.
    That's all i have. Like i said before it may or may not be truth


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