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The Walking Dead 4x15 "Us" Entire Episode Description Huge Spoilers


  • Episode opens with Glenn's group walking the tracks. Eugene is rambling on, talking about what killed the dinosaurs, video games, and various subjects.

  • We then see the scene from the sneak peek with Tara and Abraham. Tara and Abe discuss why Tara is doing what she's doing for Glenn, knowing that it isn't because she's secretly in love with Glenn, as he saw her checking out Rosita.

  • The next morning, they are on the move again and Glenn spots one of Maggie's signs. Glenn starts running.
  • Roll credits 

  • After the credits, we see Rick's group. They are still walking the tracks, heading to Terminus. Carl and Michonne are trying to keep their balance as they walk the rail, betting the other on who can do it the longest. Michonne loses and gives Carl his winnings: One of her favorite candy bars. Carl eats it, tossing the wrapper on the ground. 

  • While walking, Abraham spots an area where he thinks that they can keep Eugene protected and they can take a break. Glenn doesn't want to stop and Tara agrees. During the argument, a walker falls upon them, and Abe shoves everyone back to protect Eugene. Tara hurts her knee in the scuffle. 
  • Glenn is still determined to keep going. Rosita argues that he's risking his own life, along with Tara's. Glenn's argument eventually wins out after he hands off his riot gear to Eugene for extra protection.

  • The group reaches a train tunnel, it's dark and unknown. There's a sign from Maggie that says to continue, but Abe feels this is too big of a risk for his group. Abe's group leaves Glenn and Tara with some extra supplies and heads off, finding a road and then a vehicle.

  • After some discussion, Rosita starts driving them North, Eugene in the passenger seat, and Abe resting in the back. When their vehicle reaches a crossing, Eugene tells Rosita to stop. Before anyone can say anything, Eugene takes off towards the opposite end of the tunnel that they'd left Glenn and Tara at. Abe and Rosita run after him.

  • Already in the tunnel, Glenn and Tara come across a destroyed portion of the tunnel, filled with debris and trapped walkers. Tara and Glenn carefully make their way past the walkers, Glenn checking all the faces before killing them, worrying that he'll find Maggie there. When Tara and Glenn reach the top of the wreckage, they see many walkers ahead just waiting for them. Glenn searches the faces with his flashlight, still not finding Maggie there. 

  • Glenn and Tara decide to distract the herd of walkers with one of the flashlights, shining it in the opposite direction as they carefully make their own way down from the top of the debris. Tara stumbles, though, trapping her leg in the rocks. As Glenn tries to help her, the walkers now notice this new activity and start heading towards them. Glenn shoots, but they are being overwhelmed. The tunnel is suddenly filled with light and all the walkers are gunned down. And there to the rescue is Abe's group, along with Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Glenn and Maggie are happily reunited.
  • The combined groups discuss what to do next. Most everyone wants to head to Terminus, but Abe is still unsure. Eugene convinces him that they should go as well, at least giving them a kind of homebase. So we see them all continue on their way up the tracks.

  • We see Joe's group sleeping in the same camp that we saw Maggie's group sleeping in "Alone". A walker wakes them all up and they kill it. It's then that they realize Daryl is missing.  Next, we see scene from the sneak peek with Daryl and Len. Daryl is hunting a rabbit. Just as he shoots, another arrow beats his and hits the rabbit. Len, the same guy who choked Tony for the bed at the house in "Claimed", is staking his claim on that rabbit. Daryl disagrees, that he's been hunting it, it's his. Len then starts feeling Daryl out, taunting him. Just as Daryl is about to pull his knife, Joe interrupts the two. 
  • Joe explains that this group has one rule and one rule only. Claiming. When someone wants something, they call it, claim it, stopping others from touching it. This isn't a group that depends on the "survival of the fittest". Joe takes the rabbit and divides the rabbit between Daryl and Len, as Daryl is new to the group and didn't know the rule. However, those that do disobey will suffer a physical punishment, aka get the shit beat out of them. 

  • The group continues on the tracks. Joe is friendly and talks with Daryl, telling him that this world is perfect for men like them now. Daryl says he'll be leaving, but Joe says that Daryl needs a group to survive. The group reaches a warehouse that looks like a kind of car repair shop and decide to bunk there for the night. Inside, the group explores and all start "claiming". Daryl joins in and Joe appears pleased by this. 

  • The next morning, Daryl is awoken by Len accusing him of stealing his half of the rabbit. The group surrounds Daryl. Daryl denies it, but when Joe asks him to empty his bag, the other half of the rabbit falls out. Daryl then accuses Len of setting him up. Len denies this as well. Daryl prepares himself as Joe steps up to him, but then Joe turns and starts laying into Len. He informs the group that he saw Len sneaking the rabbit into Daryl's bag and wanted to see if Len would be honest. He wasn't. He's a liar and he can't be trusted. The group responds by helping Joe beat on Len. 

  • When the group decides to leave the warehouse, Daryl spots Len's beaten body on the ground outside with an arrow through his head. - As the group continues on the tracks, Joe tells Daryl that they're tracking a man with a small group. He explains that he and his group were in a house, minding their own business, when this man killed their friend, Lou. They were able to track him to the train tracks where they found these signs for Terminus and decided that the man had likely head that way. He also says that Tony saw the man's face, so once they find him, they know exactly who is going to be getting their revenge. Daryl nods. The group continues to walk, passing the candy wrapper that Carl dropped earlier.

  • The episode ends with Glenn's group, Abe's group, Maggie's group all reaching Terminus. There's a large expanse of land, some buildings, and they're able to enter the surrounding fences easily, no challenges or questions. They reach a kind of courtyard, surrounded by flowers and vegetables. There's a woman at a barbecue cooking. She says her name is Mary and welcomes them to Terminus, offering them something to eat... End episode
Here's the video we made for the episode:

What do you guys think of the episode? Do you think Terminus it's a good or bad place? If you liked this spoilers please share the post and make a comment so we can all talk about 'Terminus' and more.


  1. Sounds like an exciting episode! I know there's no major deaths or whatever... but it answers quite a few questions! And I'm happy to see that Glenn & Maggie find one another again! That's awesome! But poor Rick... he's gonna be in a LOT of trouble in episode 16, the Season finale!

    And as for Terminus... that place sounds too good to be true. I think they lure people there to eat them. I really do. I think it's a small community of cannibals. :-(

    1. Yeah it's great that they find each other, but I wonder why Maggie doesn't even look for Beth, that's kinda weird lol

      And yes Terminus sounds to good to be true and let see what Daryl finds out that it's Rick the guy Joe wants to kill. What would he do?

    2. Yeah terminus definitely sounds to good to be true, maybe Mary will serve up beth for dinner.

    3. OMG that's would be so dark if it's true. I hope ot doesn't happen I was starting to like beth :)

    4. I know! I was starting to really like her too! She was really growing on Me. But I think that's the whole point: to build her character up as this sweet good-natured person, get everyone to like her... and then have her die a horrible cruel death. lol It happened to poor Herschel! Poor man got his head chopped off by the Governor! So who knows WHAT they'll do to poor Beth on the show!

      Are U a fan of the comics? Cuz there's some pretty brutal stuff coming up! People are gonna be shocked!

  2. Now all I wanna see is the promo for the finale


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